17th & 18th May 2014: Newark Air Museum
- Passed G.C.E.? Read this 

Passed G.C.E.? Read this

[Thanks to Dave Robinson (Aviation Ancestry) for this advertisement for air crew from Flying Review, 1963 ]

Passed G.C.E.?  Read This

If you have 'O' level in five acceptable subjects including English language and mathematics: if at the same time you are between 17 and 26 and a potential leader with a strong sense of responsibility, you could be selected, this year, for a career as an aircrew officer in the Royal Air Force.

A wide range of duties, world-wide travel. As an aircrew officer you could fly any one of a dozen different aircraft from Comets to Lightnings, Valiants to helicopters. Your duties could range from air-sea rescue work in the Irish Sea to an air survey in the Far East. Your pay is excellent from the day you join. As a Flying Officer of 21 you would earn over £ 1,000 a year. Off duty, your facilities for sport are outstanding and leave is generous-six weeks in every year.

How long do you serve? A Direct Entry commission gives you a guaranteed, pensionable career to the age of 38 (or 16 years) with good prospects of service to 55. Or you may leave after 8 or 12 years with a tax free gratuity of up to £4,000.

Send now for this free book! Send today for 'Flying and You', the illustrated guide to flying careers and life in the R.A.F. Write, giving your date of birth and details of education, to: Group Captain J.W.Allan, D.S.O.,D.F.C.,A.F.C., Air Ministry (VR 82 ), Adastral House, London, WC1.

Captain of a Valiant at 25. Flight Lieutenant Tony Banfield and his 5-man crew are members of No. 543 Squadron, Bomber Command. Their duties - photographic and radar reconnaissance - take them all over the world from the Mediterranean to Malaysia. Tony Banfield left Whitgift School with 7 '0' levels. At 17 he joined the R.A.F. with a Direct Entry commission. This year he was selected for a permanent commission.