17th & 18th May 2014: Newark Air Museum
2012 Reunion Gallery

Reunion Gallery 2012

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2 members of the Winfield crew on 27 Sqn; John Harman (AEO) in the baseball cap and self (Nav Radar)! [Gordon Allen] From left to right, John Foot (Ex Tanker Nav.); Ian Booth (ex Tanker AEO and now a solicitor), Bert Dukes (ex Tanker Nav. and now a dentist) [Alistair Sutherland] From left to right, Badger Brooks, Sally Sutherland [Alistair Sutherland]
Harry Hopkins [David Rose] Hawker Hunter [David Rose]
Jock and Monty [Calvin Morgan] Left to right. Paddy Banks, Ian Hopgood,  Adrian Jackson, (??, ),  (Brian ?,)    (??, )  John Hewson, (??, )  Steve Honey, Lloyd Adams. Jock Morgan, Mac Maclean, Colin Toll, Alex Waugh, Dave Atkinson, and, finally, Paddy McCann was in the cockpit [Calvin Morgan] Paddy McCann and Marcia, Mac Maclean and Mary, Jock Morgan and Lesley [Calvin Morgan] L - R  Ade Jackson, Les Ainsley, Clive Houseago, John Hewson, Jock Morgan, Mac Maclean, Paddy McCann [Calvin Morgan] Then and Now - Phil Goodall, Ken Hunt, Russ Rumbol.  Same crew on 90 squadron (Valiants) [Russell Rumbol]
Tony Smith 9 Squadron ASC [Robin Davey] Rev David Benson  & Trevor Danks [Trevor Danks] Signing in at Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron table [Trevor Danks] Midge Brooks, Eileen Tuxford, Badger Brooks, Sally Sutherland (in background, Bertie Jukes talking with Olive Foot  [Robert Tuxford] Alistair Sutherland, Bob Tuxford, Clive Crouch [Robert Tuxford]
John Foot, Bob Tuxford, Monty Montgomery, Clive Crouch [Robert Tuxford] Vic Pheasant, Alistair Sutherland [Robert Tuxford] [Barrington Randle] [Barrington Randle] [Barrington Randle]
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