17th & 18th May 2014: Newark Air Museum

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Aircraft PG 189 [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] Aircraft PG 196 [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] Air Crew [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] Dusk line up 138 Sqn Valiants [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] 49 Sqdn Valiants, Christmas Island [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron]
Megaton Club, RAF Cosford, 2007 [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] Crew of XD823, 1957 [Friends of 138 Valiant Squadron] Argentinian Presidential Vulcan flypast crew [Aubrey Clayphan] 214 Sqdn, Marham, 1972 [Alan McLoughlin]
214 Sqdn, Marham - Left [Alan McLoughlin] 214 Sqdn, Marham - Centre [Alan McLoughlin] 214 Sqdn, Marham - Right [Alan McLoughlin] Handley Page Victor Noseview arp [Photo Adrian Pingstone] Vulcan Swinderby Flypast [Bob Wyer]
Flight Refuelling Advert, 1961 [Dave Robinson] Hobson Systems, Victor, 1958 [Dave Robinson] H R Denne Ad, 1957 [Dave Robinson] Redifon Victor Simulator, 1957 [Dave Robinson] Rover APU, 1959 [Dave Robinson]
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